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Newmac’s complete line of multi-fired oil furnaces combine innovative engineering with top quality materials and construction, providing some of the highest Energy Star AFUE Ratings - GAMA Listed.


Newmac Oil Furnaces provide you with efficient heating and quiet, automatic operation that delivers clean, warm air throughout your home for total comfort. Furnaces are CSA or ETLM approved to allow worry-free, reliable heating and include these features:



  Large air filters for better air filtration  
  Large circulating belted, direct drive or VSM (ECM) blower for quiet operation  
  Steel inner liners for better insulation and durability  
  Ceramic Fiber Corbel combustion chamber for quieter operation and more efficient combustion  
  Fan and limit control with summer fan switch  
  Optional air conditioning models with up to 5 ton AC ready  
  Newmac Oil Furnaces are supported by a wide range of parts and service representation with excellent warranty programs. In addition, these units are easy and inexpensive to install and service because of features such as:  
  Easily serviced efficient flame retention burner  
  Conventional service switch on NL2/NV2 and NL3/NV3  
  Removable panels and ports for easy access cleanouts  
  Limited Lifetime Warranty  
  All units come complete with barometric control  


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